History of mouth organs

The musical instrument mouth organ has a very long tradition. As early as 1820 the term was first mentioned by mouth organ, John Weinrich from the Holy City was probably at this time mouth organ invented and became the first man ever recorded. Clearly shows this is not. What is certain is that Anton Reinlein 1824 Vienna obtained a patent for improvements to the mouth organ. Replicas inter alia Johann Wilhelm Rudolph Glier and Johann Georg Meisel and company formations by Charles Wheatstone, Christian Messner, CASeydel and Mathias Hohner followed. The success story of the harmonica then took their inexorable course. Close relative of the harmonica, the accordion – also called accordion. Among the names Aeoline Physharmonica developed and Bernhard Eschenbach and Johann Caspar Schlimbach the precursor of the mouth-blown instrument 1810; patented this was, finally, by Anton Haeckl in 1821.

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