Green Tea

Today is known that green tea, besides being a delicious drink,

  • is a cancer preventive,
  • obesity
  • aging
  • and arthritis

Green tea dieting

Green tea is especially rich in two active ingredients: polyphenols and tannins, among which caffeine.  These substances act on two levels: by stimulating fat burning and slow down the absorption of certain nutrients such as sugars and lipids.

The presence of caffeine helps activate the lipolytic process:

fat in the body is broken down into simpler elements that are more easily burned for the benefit of the line

The polyphenols and caffeine, acting in synergy, prolong the thermogenesis increasing energy expenditure.   The catechins in green tea also reduces the concentration of blood glucose and consequently insulin levels.

This gives an interesting quality of stabilization of blood glucose level.   Green tea infusion can be easily integrated into a slimming diet.

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