Histoty of antique cabinets

In the “old way” you can find antique cabinets any style! And each of them has its own unique story of creation, of life. She will be happy to tell our employees. And if you say, how did the cabinet, and in particular, wardrobe, it is necessary to recall Napoleon Bonaparte.

Great military leader did not liked the bachelor officers’ mess. On his orders, all the officer’s ammunition was hidden behind a screen. And in California, Americans have replaced the screen door. It was a real revolution! Then the door began to make mirror, roller mechanism has evolved and is now a wardrobe – a mandatory attribute of homes in America.

And the first cabinet, designed for books, appeared in the early eighteenth century in England. In general, the prototype of the cabinet was a chest, which delivered “to the priest.” First, cabinets were made by all the laws of architecture and its appearance resembled a house. At first it kept things and then came a wardrobe – dressuary. And all of these innovations were available only to the wealthy. Ordinary people did not use any closets.

But the repository of books – bookcase – was found in one ancient Roman tombstone. Doors were opened it, and the shelves were seen papyrus scrolls. These antique boxes are used everywhere in Rome. By the way, here you can find the perfect antique cabinet book in excellent condition!

A graceful cabinets with drawers for papers, jewelry and writing attributes in the seventeenth century called the cabinet. They are instructed in ivory, tortoiseshell plates, semi-precious stones. In addition, the fabricated miniature rooms – a palm-sized. Secretaries appeared in the same century. Horse-locking system made this a secretary safe.

A duffel cabinets were gradually transformed from a tiny house in a guise under which we know it today. Here you can buy antique cabinets of different ages and different styles. Luxury and elegance of Baroque classicism – you will have a huge selection.

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