History of RAP music

End of the 60’s emerged in the African-American New York’s ghettos (Harlem, for example) a new type of Chant – the rap. First there were the DJs in your mix more and more rhythmic chanting (Jamaican based also on the Toasting) Flowten to heat up the crowd with the microphone. In time, this task was a so-called MC occurred. The MC – Master of Ceremony (Also associated with Microphone Checker, Microphone Chief) was now next to the DJ more and more celebrated man, and it developed into its own subculture.

Especially in the New York ghetto neighborhoods were called in the 70s Block Parties celebrated. It joined the Rap more and more into the foreground – to provoke emotional appeal, and then on to politicize. An important person, this block-party movement was Clive Campbell, aka DJ Kool Her He brought the Jamaican tradition of street parties in the New York ghetto and went with his way of putting on a record – Sampling – A name.

The first recorded rap recording probably came from Tim King – Personality Jock, But also tracks the Last Poets laid further foundations in this still burgeoning subculture.

The first commercial success with rap celebrated Grandmaster Flash & The Five fourious with The Message and the Sugar Hill Gang with Rappers Delight. Grandmaster Flash was also very committed to mix and mixing is improved, built himself his own “hybrid instruments, and was one of the forefathers of Scratching.

In the course also established Rapper outside of the ghetto, which even today still celebrate successes RunDMC, LL Cool J or even the Beastie Boys.

From the 90’s was rap and hip hop an ever further access to the mainstream, so that the sub-culture character has gone more and more lost.

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