Green Tea

Today is known that green tea, besides being a delicious drink,

  • is a cancer preventive,
  • obesity
  • aging
  • and arthritis

Green tea dieting

Green tea is especially rich in two active ingredients: polyphenols and tannins, among which caffeine.  These substances act on two levels: by stimulating fat burning and slow down the absorption of certain nutrients such as sugars and lipids.

The presence of caffeine helps activate the lipolytic process:

fat in the body is broken down into simpler elements that are more easily burned for the benefit of the line

The polyphenols and caffeine, acting in synergy, prolong the thermogenesis increasing energy expenditure.   The catechins in green tea also reduces the concentration of blood glucose and consequently insulin levels.

This gives an interesting quality of stabilization of blood glucose level.   Green tea infusion can be easily integrated into a slimming diet.

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History Of The Dinosaurs

The time of dinosaurs was mezozoic era, which began 225 milion years and ended about 65. It covers three periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Dinosaurs appeared at the time of the Triassic period about 230 million years.

These animals lived in what was known as “Pangea” when the continents were joined The first dinosaurs were small but gradually began to appear larger dinosaurs. They became the dominant animals. It is believed that the first dinosaur was Eoraptor (a small bipedal predator), and is considered the common ancestor of all dinosaurs of the time.

The time of dinosaurs known, covered the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (where the Tyrannosaurus rex lived, Triceratops and Diplodocus). 65 million years ago, dinosaurs disappeared from Earth, went extinct.


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History of Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

Futsal is the official indoor soccer of the world governing body FIFA. The so-called Futebol de Salao “- the” Salon-football “or” Indoor Soccer “as he is called the British and Americans – in 1989 recognized by FIFA as a relevant sport.

On the Origin of futsal is still fighting the experts. Some claim that the salon football had appeared already in the 30s, at the YMCA, the “YMCA” in Montevideo (Uruguay). Its creator is the local gym teacher Juan Carlos Ceriani been, who died 1996th Others assert that Sao Paulo was the birthplace of the sport. In this Brazilian city young men played basketball in the fields, for they have always had trouble finding on the outskirts of free football fields. So they contented themselves to step on the basketball and hockey courts against the ball. At first they played with five, six or even seven participants in each team, but soon began to set the number to five players per team, and that was all.

The used balls contained either sawdust, horse hair or granulated Korkmasse, but they all had one problem: They bounced too much and therefore constantly jumped from the field. So we reduced the volume and increase the weight. For this reason, the salon was football the nickname “O Esporte da Bola Pesada,” the sport of the heavy ball.

been with absolute certainty but it is known that organized futsal in Brazil, provided with the current regulations, where it is officially integrated into the sports program. And in Sao Paulo in 1952 it created the first official body for the sport – the league for Salon football. Its founder was Habid Maphuz, the head of the Association of Young Men. ” Two years later, was also the first federal organization, the “Associacao de Futebol de Salao Metropolitana founded, now known as the” Associacao de Futsal do Rio de Janeiro.

The first rule book was written in 1956 by Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira Fernandes, born in Sao Paulo, and released after being examined by the institution that has held at that time, the global control of the Football. But not only the people of Sao Paulo contributed to the spread and development of the sport. At that time, young people from Rio de Janeiro Futsal practiced in the system of local “America Futebol Clube”. Thus, the first rivalry was in the sport – Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro – and they contributed significantly to the development of the discipline within Brazil.

The expansion of the sport planted himself inexorably further than consequence were other powerful teams, such as from Rio Grande do Sul or in Ceara, the state where the “Associacao Brasileira de Futsal (CBFS) is established in 1999 already its 20th anniversary celebrated. After this initial phase controlled the International Indoor Soccer Federation “the sport until 1989, when he was taken by FIFA – including almost all of its regulations.

The current President of the FIFA Futsal committees, Ricardo Teixeira, who is also president of the Brazilian Football Federation CBF. But the Futsal is popular not only in Brazil, where all states and a corresponding Federation playoffs, but has now spread all over the world.

Immediately after its approval by the FIFA held its first futsal world championship which was won in 1989 in the Netherlands by Brazil. The orientation of the UEFA European Championship but was still somewhat in coming. Only after the implementation of an unofficial tournament in 1996 in Spain, which won the home side also, and the successful performance of the European team at the World Cup 1996 and 1999 came the first official European Championship – again in Spain – to pass. The victory went to Russia, which could prevail in a dramatic shoot-out against hosts Spain.

Ever since Futsal is impossible to imagine away from the official calendar of FIFA and UEFA. In Germany too, the rapid variation football is becoming more popular – when a German team celebrates with a large international event Premiere is currently not yet in sight.

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History of RAP music

End of the 60’s emerged in the African-American New York’s ghettos (Harlem, for example) a new type of Chant – the rap. First there were the DJs in your mix more and more rhythmic chanting (Jamaican based also on the Toasting) Flowten to heat up the crowd with the microphone. In time, this task was a so-called MC occurred. The MC – Master of Ceremony (Also associated with Microphone Checker, Microphone Chief) was now next to the DJ more and more celebrated man, and it developed into its own subculture.

Especially in the New York ghetto neighborhoods were called in the 70s Block Parties celebrated. It joined the Rap more and more into the foreground – to provoke emotional appeal, and then on to politicize. An important person, this block-party movement was Clive Campbell, aka DJ Kool Her He brought the Jamaican tradition of street parties in the New York ghetto and went with his way of putting on a record – Sampling – A name.

The first recorded rap recording probably came from Tim King – Personality Jock, But also tracks the Last Poets laid further foundations in this still burgeoning subculture.

The first commercial success with rap celebrated Grandmaster Flash & The Five fourious with The Message and the Sugar Hill Gang with Rappers Delight. Grandmaster Flash was also very committed to mix and mixing is improved, built himself his own “hybrid instruments, and was one of the forefathers of Scratching.

In the course also established Rapper outside of the ghetto, which even today still celebrate successes RunDMC, LL Cool J or even the Beastie Boys.

From the 90’s was rap and hip hop an ever further access to the mainstream, so that the sub-culture character has gone more and more lost.

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History of mouth organs

The musical instrument mouth organ has a very long tradition. As early as 1820 the term was first mentioned by mouth organ, John Weinrich from the Holy City was probably at this time mouth organ invented and became the first man ever recorded. Clearly shows this is not. What is certain is that Anton Reinlein 1824 Vienna obtained a patent for improvements to the mouth organ. Replicas inter alia Johann Wilhelm Rudolph Glier and Johann Georg Meisel and company formations by Charles Wheatstone, Christian Messner, CASeydel and Mathias Hohner followed. The success story of the harmonica then took their inexorable course. Close relative of the harmonica, the accordion – also called accordion. Among the names Aeoline Physharmonica developed and Bernhard Eschenbach and Johann Caspar Schlimbach the precursor of the mouth-blown instrument 1810; patented this was, finally, by Anton Haeckl in 1821.

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Classic Mini cooper

I always had dream to ride my own classic mini cooper and it is one of the most iconic cars in the history.

The mini was designed in 1959 has become a phenomenon. It was originally developed as a fuel efficient, convenient and space-saving small car. In 1960 the Mini was so successful and some of the biggest celebrates in the world owned at least one Mini, including John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Peter Sellers and Steve McQueen.

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